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Phonetic 2: The Warmonger Music Video

In the tradition of those Flash Gordon serials, done motion comic style. With vocals by @jackietalbott and the fantastic art of @Retrospect360.

And check out @Retrospect360's merch store for awesome Phonetic themed gear!
10/28/2015 7:26pm
Phonetic 2 Video Coming Next Week!

With art by @Retrospect360 and featuring @jackietalbott!
10/21/2015 11:47pm
Love++ New EP Out Now!

Get it at http://dchase.bandcamp.com/album/love. Pay whachoowant!
2/15/2014 1:05pm
Coming 2.14.2014 - Love++ Remix EP
Art by Joyce Hsu Art by Joyce Hsu

This Friday, checkout the remixes to SSH To Your Heart, Geeks Are Sexy, High Probability and Coder Girl. Plus a re-working of a song I wrote over a decade ago, I Do It For Your Love. And peep a brand new song, Security Kate. With appearances by Sara Remington on vocals and DJ Manila Ice on cuts, this little project is coded to generate smiles.

Check for it on bandcamp, pay what you want, 2.14.2014.
2/11/2014 1:33pm
Peep my Interview with Seattle Geekly

I had a fun chat with Shannon and Matt on episode 205 of their wonderful show "Seattle Geekly." Peep it here!

12/20/2013 3:12pm