Tech Week Remix 38 – CES 2012


Tech Overload! Out in Las Vegas
with Rev3, covering that CES 2012
the out now’s, the hope mights
the smartphones, 8K
the hype, and the prototypes

Like the samsung dual view tv
one screen, but two shows people can see
with a special pair of glasses you switch the program
so I can watch doctor who and you can play Aquaman

Makerbot moves to be more consumer
with less assembly required than you’re used to
Belkin stepped in with home automation
The WeMo Wi with smartphone operation

Timberlake announces myspaceTv
with panasonic bringing social to your HD
via viera connect
Comment and tweet about what’s showing on this new service

Sharp brought the crazy HD display
the insane 85 inch 8k
Resolution so high it’s criminal
at 6 times hd With 32 million pixels

And LG made me a believer in 3D
with their massive array of LCDs
showing off their innovative technology
I’d wear those dumb glasses, it looks fantastic