Coming 2.14.2014 – Love++ Remix EP

Art by Joyce Hsu

Art by Joyce Hsu

This Friday, checkout the remixes to SSH To Your Heart, Geeks Are Sexy, High Probability and Coder Girl. Plus a re-working of a song I wrote over a decade ago, I Do It For Your Love. And peep a brand new song, Security Kate. With appearances by Sara Remington on vocals and DJ Manila Ice on cuts, this little project is coded to generate smiles.

Check for it on bandcamp, pay what you want, 2.14.2014.

Rap Battle Showdown on The Crowdfunder Show &

Rap Battle Showdown is now on and is slated to appear on Fox’s The Crowdfunder Show!

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Thank you for your continued support in helping to bring Rap Battle Showdown to life.

New Album Drops Friday 4/19!

Typedef Album Cover

Cover by Joyce Hsu

For the virtuous who’ve waited patiently, I’ll be releasing my 2nd full-length album this Friday, 4/19 9am PST!

Join me for a live stream listening party and performance!

All the fun, tech-themed rhymes you’ve come to expect, over the smooth (and at times quirky) beats you love. With appearances by Dual Core, YTCrackerShannon Morse, King Pheenix, Adam Warrock, Brian Tong, Spencer Katzman, Jackie Talbott and more, you’re in for a geek-tastic ride of interstellar proportions. Available on (live Friday) to start, more of your favorite retailers soon.

Thank you so much for following me on twitter and letting me know how much you dig the music, and being like “Where’s the new stuff?” This album is for YOU!


Hackers Bring Their Own Cell Phone Network to DefCon 20 – TechWeek Remix

Ninja built their own network, called it Ninja Tel
for their own Android phones, and they freaked it well
HTC One V with a Custom Rom
with a unique feel and some crazy apps on

and auctioned at the EFF Summit
Fundraiser winning bid 2000, 500
In it’s 2nd year, def con kids
CyFi’s Time Traveler contest’s a win
contestants 8 – 16
found mobile apps with the flaw she dropped at DefCon 19

The NSA Director gave an address
Keith Alexander said hackers got a bad rep
called DefCon the world’s best cybersecurity
community – and asked for help securing the country

A Cryptography specialist gave a talk
on cracking MS-CHAPv2 from Microsoft
used in WPA2, PPTP
and VPN passwords, says Moxie

They drank all the booze, And hacked all the things
Captured the flag, and found out Shannon sings
Thanks to Elinor mills, hak5 and dual core
Had a blast actin the fool with C64

Tour of ninja van –
Ninja PHone –
NSA Talk –
Moxie on Hak5 –